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Why should I eliminate my tree stump?

10849168 – stub of aged tree

Gradually, ignored tree stumps can end up being discolored, as well as start to rot, turning a prospering yard into a pointless area. Working with the know-how of a professional arborist assures to make easy work of an otherwise laborious job, ensuring risk-free, as well as effective tree stump elimination.

Aesthetic appeals

Simply put, a tree stump can make an attractive garden show up unpleasant. Getting rid of the stump develops space for a building framework, such as a residence extension, greenhouse, or shed, and can pave the way for new grass, outdoor patio, or decking. Thus, this can enhance the worth of a home.


A tree stump protruding from the ground develops a significant threat in the garden, specifically with children discovering or animals playing in the open room. Appropriate excavation of the stump will transform extra areas in the yard right into a secure exterior space.

Get rid of the condition

When a tree becomes infected by fungi, as much of the infected origins and stumps must be eliminated asap so the fungi do not spread to the other trees in the garden. If a tree has actually died or disagreed with the yard, the origins and stumps need to be totally eliminated to replace the tree. For tree stump elimination, Trees N Stumps R Us professionals comply with the following procedure:

  • Consultation

Professionals will discuss your needs over the phone, as well as schedule a site check out to evaluate the stump and bordering area. They will then supply a quote detailing the costs with no surprise charges.

  • Stump Grinding

Professionals use expert stump grinding equipment which includes a rotating cutting wheel as well as sharp teeth to slowly chip away at the stump. Their series of grinders suggests that they can eliminate any type of tree stump, no matter the size or place.

  • Excavation

The major stump location, which is somewhat larger than the trunk size, as well as any large surface area roots will be ground out.

  • Decaying Roots

Small below-ground roots can spread over large areas as well as are not eliminated throughout stump grinding; these origins are left in the ground to rot away with time.

  • Filling up the Hole

Once the stump has been ground out, all that remains is a mix of soil as well as timber grindings which is utilized to back-fill the hole then left as a small mound to settle with time.

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