Thursday, June 13

Why will you choose Maxwell Realty Washington Square?

When it comes to selling a house, you have a lot to do. However, one of the most important tasks is finding the right real estate agent to help you get the right price for your property. While there are many realtors, the only company you need to call is Maxwell Realty Washington Square.

Reasons to Choose Maxwell Realty:

They know the market value:

The Philly real estate market is heating up, and now is the time to sell your property. The team will work with you to evaluate your home and get the highest selling price possible to ensure the greatest return on investment.

Sales appeal:

First and foremost, as your Philadelphia real estate broker. Their job is to make selling your home attractive. They will work with you to highlight the best features for your property. At the same time, come up with creative solutions to enhance some of the less desirable features in your home.

They have buyers who are ready and looking for a home:

With connections to some of the city’s top real estate management companies, Maxwell Realty knows the city and where to find buyers competing for your property. They will also look for qualified buyers first. This saves you the time of weeding out people who may not really care about your property or who can’t afford it.

They can accelerate financing options:

A house is probably your most expensive asset. For this reason, specific financing options are required. They want to ensure that when buyers knock on your door, they have already familiarized themselves with financial options. This allows us to expedite the deal and get both of you into the next phase of life.

They can negotiate and protect your interests:

Time is of the essence when selling a home. That’s why they can act as a mediator between buyers and sellers. They will help you secure acceptable contracts and reach agreements that guarantee the completion of the sale in the least amount of time possible. They will work to protect your best interests from contract preparation to contract execution.  Maxwell Realty Washington Square places the utmost importance on your goals and interests.