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Your bedroom alters your emotions! Follow these interior designers’ tips.

They say well begun is half done! No doubt about it. When we start something with a sense of goodness, the time just flows like bliss. And what fine start could there be than that of our day? We all know how the day drags us when we do not wake up well. Sleep is vital for our health. And a well-versed bedroom can serve us the same. This is why the Best interior designers in India lay their focus on bedrooms much. But, not all of us can have the luxury of having an interior designer for us. Thus, we put here before you to follow some very basic things that can nourish your mornings and your moods.

Bedroom tips from the best interior designers in India.

Interior designing focuses on 7 dynamics to bring life towards a sense of harmony. Therefore, we are dividing these tips on the basis of 7 elements.

On Color:

We expect our bedrooms to calm us and lull us down to a soothing good night’s sleep. But sometimes we ourselves obstruct our dreams. Unknowingly, we choose pop jet colors and sporty textures. No! Try to use colors that soothe our eyes and thus this mind. For example, using pastel shades of lavender blues, cozy creamy tones, or toned-down violets can bring our minds to a certain state of meditativeness. Interior designers give special attention to the colors in the room.

Do not try creating a lot of contrast in your room. It might seem to lure, but it won’t be of worth. Try creating a sense of harmony using easy colors, shades of then, and there you will have that perfection before yourself.

On Space:

Too much of negative or positive space can impact you easily. Don’t stuff your bedroom with lots of furniture. Although it might seem tempting, it will only hurdle you much.

Neither do you have to leave your bedroom like an open desert. Make proper use of space. A bedroom is like a mother, too much of an embrace or too little of an embrace will easily obstruct the child from sleeping.

You have to make sure that your way to bed is clear. It is not like you have to pass some hurdle race until that finish line. Your bed is not some finish line, it is an embrace that begins your sweet love story with sleep. Avoid putting coffee tables, working tables, couches, or anything that you use frequently while awake in the bedroom. Ask any best interior designers in India, or any sleep consultant indeed, and you might have your answer about it. Keep your bedroom simple.

On Patterns:

Avoid any geometrical texture on the wall unless you want to end up staring at it all night. We, humans, have a tendency to look for patterns in anything. This is why we have this Pareidolia. But what could texture have anything to do with it? Here is what will happen. You’ll unconsciously end up staring at those walls and looking for any shape you could relate to.

We might think that pattern only relates to walls. But no! Ask an architect or interior designer and you might hear the answer otherwise. Patterns could be of light, of space, of texture, of colors, of objects, etc. Again, keep your bedroom simple, that could serve as a sort of meditation down to sleep.

On Lines:

Lines get used everywhere we go to impact our mood. Have you observed how striped clothes can make any person look shorter or taller? Or even fatter? If you are into photography, you might also have heard of leading or guiding lines. These are the lines that guide us towards the focus of the photograph. Interior designers pay special attention to it.

Lines are not just about what we draw with hands and see usually. Objects in the room do create lines too. For example, a cupboard is a geometry in itself.

Try avoiding too many vertical lines in the bedroom. Try using horizontal lines. Horizontal lines create a sense of calm in our minds. Can you imagine a sea horizon to be vertical? We might run away thinking of it as high tides our way.

On Texture:

Texture is not just about the sense of touch, but a sense of sight too. Have you never said that something is nipping your eyes? Like the sheer sight of that car is making you go nauseated?

Having a texture that soothes your brain is necessary for the bedroom. Do not make your walls look glossy or coarse. Most interior designers will guide you against it. Rather, go for a smooth pastel finish that makes you feel relaxed. The visual tone of those few objects in your bedroom should leave a calming impact.

When it comes to the sense of touch, again, avoid using too much coarse material. Never neglect your bedding. Choose quality bedding and premium linen or cotton sheets for your sleep. Make sure they have a higher thread count.

On Light:

Ask any of those interior designers and they’ll tell you to avoid bright lights at every cost. They disrupt our circadian rhythm. Here are few other tips:

  • Have a natural light source too, if possible. No light is better than the natural light to wake us up and invigorate for the day.
  • Have multiple light sources. You do not always stay in the same mood and having different light sources can help.
  • Have a lamp beside for reading. Reading is a proven way for a good sleep.
  • Do not use bright lights. Use warm cozy soft lights that have a relaxing effect on our eyes.
  • Use light dimmers for the sake of flexibility.

On Form:

Form is about the overall visual feel that we get from the very look at the room. It takes space, lines, curves, objects, and textures in the play. Try using curves in the bedroom. Curves make us feel safe. This is pure psychology. For example, this is why they use curves to turn characters cute and spiny lines to make them look dreadful.

Try avoiding any contrast in lines and shapes. Furthermore, add curves to the edges of your bedding. You might feel the change instantly. The best interior designers in India always aim for a form that creates a sense of harmony and has a calming effect.

Should you hire interior designers?

The answer is like should you hire a painter for your painting? Furthermore, the question is also about getting a fine painting and a hypnotic piece of art. You have all the brains and time to nourish your room towards goodness, but when it comes to the whole house, the picture changes. The best interior designers in India use various dynamics of knowledge to serve you the luxury and comfort we humans do crave for.

Interior designers sure do cost some money, but luxury comes at a price. You might want to check this website for consideration —

One more thing, be cautious while choosing the architects and interior designers. You must know how to look for one and select from the crowd of many newbies trying to imitate the experts in the field.