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Day: January 17, 2023

Cosy, Curated Spaces: 6 Furniture Essentials For Your Living Room

The first part of your home a guest frequently sees when visiting is your living area. That said, this spot should be one of the places you should furnish with the utmost preparation. While decorating your living area may seem like a piece of cake, it takes a lot of hustle to score the best home furniture pieces in Singapore and place them in the right spot in the area. Taking up the liberty to guide you, here are some living room essentials to help make your home feel like home. SOMETHING TO LAY DOWN ON A couch is the first living room essential you should get your hands on. It can range from a sectional, wingback, rollback, loveseat, settee, recliner, chaise lounge, sleeper or sofa bed in Singapore. As the primary ingredient of the room, this significant piece can help set the t...

5 Effective Ways In Maintaining Your Carpet At Home

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Carpet cleaning in Singapore is not an easy task to do, especially if you're dealing with a large rug. Most homeowners who have pets and children who leave stains find maintenance challenging. Here are some tips on finding a way to make your carpet always look new. 1. Get rid of stains fast If you've accidentally soiled your carpet, act fast to remove the stain. It's a good idea to attempt a DIY carpet cleaning in Singapore removers if there are no sprays or scrubs available around your home. Make sure you only apply a cleaning solution that works with your rug material. 2. Vacuum regularly Like in upholstery cleaning in Singapore, one of the best equipment to use is a vacuum. It’s a hassle-free choice that you can use anytime, anywhere. You may remove surface dust, debris, and foo...