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Day: May 23, 2023

The Eight Benefits of a Backyard ADU

ADUs (accessory dwelling units), sometimes known as backyard dwellings, are small buildings built on the same property as a single-family home. They’re becoming a popular option for those who need extra living space but don’t want to move to a larger home. These are eight benefits of building a home in your backyard. In San Leandro, CA, building an ADU might be a great way to increase the space and facilities in your backyard. Acton ADU specializes in the design and building of high-quality ADUs that complement their environment. Our experienced staff will work with you every step of the way to design an appropriate addition to your home, whether it’s an additional guest room, office, or children’s playroom. Because of our rigorous design process, households of all sizes should consider...
Is Spring a Suitable Season for Washing Windows?

Is Spring a Suitable Season for Washing Windows?

Spring is a season that welcomes warmth, sun, and longer days, but it also entails completing a list of cleaning chores. One of the most crucial yet often overlooked cleaning tasks is window washing. Dirt and grime accumulated on the windows during the winter can not only dull the exterior. Still, they can also compromise the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings, disrupt the window's functionality, and even cause various health hazards. This blog post will discuss why spring is a good time for window washing. Ideal Weather Conditions Spring season in many areas offers moderate temperature, low humidity, and fewer chances of rainfall, as opposed to the cold winter and hot summer. This makes it a perfect time for window cleaning and other areas where rain or snow is frequently experien...