Thursday, June 13

5 Features that Make Silestone Quartz the Best Option for Countertops 

Quartz is an engineered stone that makes extremely popular countertops since it’s strong and durable. Out of the many types of quartz, the Silestone quartz is stealing the race in the recent market. You’d be surprised to know the kinds of features that Silestone quartz has and the many reasons that they make wonderful options for kitchens and bathrooms. 

  1. They Repel Germs 

Resisting the formation of bacteria, germs, and fungus is a special feature that adds to the value of Silestone quartz. Did you know that its surface contains unique silver ions that actually work as a bacteriostatic film on the top? The silestone surface is so clean that you can actually use it to make bread without having to worry about hygiene at all. 

  1. Their Surface is Guarded Against Stains and Acids

Who doesn’t spill oil, vinegar, lemon juice, wine, and even coffee on the kitchen slab once in a while? Now, what’s the use of a countertop that’ll catch stains or react to acids in vinegar or lime? The surface will lose its texture and color in no time. 

Keeping such minor kitchen spills that are very normal in mind, the silestone’s surface is made stain resistant and acid resistant, both. Your countertop will, thus, remain as bright and beautiful as it was when you installed it even after years. 

  1. They Resist Heat and Impact 
The Silestone quartz has a tough surface that doesn’t crack, chip, or break with day-to-day impact. It’s also highly resistant to heat. These are the two biggest reasons that Silestone quartz countertops can last for decades.  You should search for the best options and get quartz counter installation kirkland wa in your home to get maximum durability. 
  1. They Make Wonderful Chopping Boards 

One of the reasons that you don’t have to worry about using a knife on the top of a Silestone surface is that it is laminated and scratch resistant. Having said that, you can also chop green vegetables on top of the slab since it won’t catch any stains.

  1. They Come in Beautiful Varieties 

Talking about the finish, silestone offers three beautiful choices – suede, volcano, and polished. The color palette offers more than 50 beautiful shades. Some of the mesmerising ones that’ll steal your heart in one look are as follows. 

  1. Desert silver
  2. Pearl Jasmine 
  3. Eternal Serena
  4. Camden
  5. Corktown
  6. Mountain mist
  7. Pacifica
  8. Stellar snow

You can explore the stunning variety of Silestone quartz at Granite au Sommet quartz. These are one of the best sellers of countertops in Canada.