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7 Signs Your Commercial Building Needs A Facelift

5 Signs Your Business Needs a Facelift | All American Painting Plus

Even commercial buildings need a facelift. With various weather elements facilitating their and their components’ wear and tear, it’s inevitable for the facades of commercial structures to get revamped over time. The question is, when do you need to hire facade contractors London?

This article rounds up seven must-know signs.

Why Improve Your Building’s Facade

Your facade is the first thing that a customer, partner, or even a passer-by would notice about your building. Improving it means improving your chance to create a great first impression to the public. This is why commercial property owners set aside resources to get help from professional cladding contractors London.

But it’s not just about aesthetics and impressions. A commercial building with a great curb appeal enforces trust and credibility. It also makes your business more visible — which can translate to better online searches and, ultimately, sales.

When To Hire Facade Contractors London

If your building’s facade has any of the following signs, it’s high time to call a trusted facade contractor.

There’s rusting and rotting. These are two things that you don’t want to see in your facade — or in any part of your building. Because when not addressed, these will continue to eat away building materials, weaking your building’s overall structural integrity. Marks of rusting and rotting aren’t also exactly pleasing to the eye.

There’s a presence of mould and mildew. Black dots and stains caused by mould are caused by excessive humidity. If you’re especially located in an area with high humidity levels or where it rains too hard, you’re more prone to this issue. Mould and mildew also give off a pungent smell that can turn away customers and cause alarm to employees.

The colour of your facade is already fading. The sun’s UV rays cause building facades’ colours to fade in time. It’s why you’ll notice that many property owners repaint their buildings every few years. Old paint can also chip, peel, and get chalky over time.

The beams are already leaning. Whether it’s due to poor construction or a natural phenomenon (like earthquake), this is a safety concern that needs to be urgently fixed. And when you hire a facade contractor to address it, you can consider upgrading its very look to match any corporate changes (e.g. New management, new branding) or to comply with regulatory updates.

Your facade has cracked walls and windows. Like the item above, this is also a safety concern. These damages are signs of a weakened structural integrity. You need to call a contractor to help you prevent experiencing costly consequences (e.g. Facade collapse, tarnished brand reputation).

Your facade looks outdated compared to its neighbours. Even if you feel like your facade is structurually sound and aesthetically okay, if it feels and looks outdated than its surrounding buildings, then you also have to consider giving it a facelift. Like the many signs previously discussed, an outdated facade look can negatively affect your business’ image.

Your customers are already speaking about it. This is the ultimate sign that you have to hire facade and cladding contractors London. If other people are already talking about it, it means that it is that visible. Whether it’s because of cracks or mould or rottings, you have to quickly take action before you lose your customers.

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