Thursday, June 13

Better Ventilation Means Better Health

As summer hits hard and the temperature soars, it’s time to team up your heat pump with natural home ventilation to create a more comfortable and healthier home. It’s all about getting good quality air into your home. The air that comes out of modern heat pumps is of the highest standard, thanks in large part to advanced filter technology. It’s a breeze to turn on your heat pump and stay cool in a very effective and energy-efficient way.

Using a heat pump is good for your health too. A recent New Zealand survey of 6700 homes discovered that around 36% of them had an average indoor temperature of 25C or more over summer – and occasionally above 30C – compared with a comfortable indoor range of 20C to 25C. This is particularly dangerous for people suffering from chronic health conditions with excessive heat being related to respiratory conditions, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Obviously the cooler you are in hot weather, the better off you’ll be.   

You’ll also do your health a huge favour by improving natural home ventilation. You don’t have to splash out big money on a ventilation system. Instead, you can open the windows and doors before you turn on your heat pump. By opening them at opposite ends of the house, you create a cross breeze which will help to flush out the warm air in the house. Once this is done, you can close up the house again and let the heat pump do its work. It will operate much more efficiently without having all that hot air to contend with.

You should try and keep your home as well ventilated as you can. The fresh air you bring into your home through natural ventilation can normalise your heart rate and blood pressure, and boost your energy levels. It can enhance your immune system and increase serotonin levels to make you feel relaxed and happier. When it comes to the benefits of natural home ventilation, we have even more good news. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that natural ventilation could reduce lung-related illnesses by up to 20%. At the same time, WHO says that ventilation can enhance the cooling of buildings, and deliver 25 to 50% in energy savings.

So, this summer, make it all about the air. A heat pump capable of delivering cool and pure air into your home will do you the world of good. And don’t forget to open up your home and enjoy the healthy benefits of natural ventilation. As we discussed earlier, the best way to ventilate your home is to open doors and windows at opposite ends of the property to generate a cross breeze. When you do that, you and your family will enjoy better ventilation. And better ventilation means better health this summer.