Saturday, June 22

Check If Your Air Conditioner Is Prepared To Keep You Cool or Needs A Repair

If you are residing in Singapore, you are already bearing with the hot and humid climate with summers being slightly hotter than other months. Moreover, it becomes even more frustrating when you find that your air conditioner is not cooling your indoors properly.

Most often, it starts showing small signs that we tend to ignore only to risk our air conditioner breaking down completely when we need it the most during summers. Hence, it is much needed that you take care of the system.

Finding a professional for air conditioning repair loveland co can be difficult. LK Brothers Aircon is a professional aircon servicing and repair company with a team of dedicated experts who know the best way to approach and deal with each type of aircon service and repair.

Their service comes with a 90-days warranty with no hidden costs. They are dedicated to offering tailored solutions for their valuable customers. Moreover, if you are under their maintenance contract, they offer a free inspection for all your cooling systems.

Their services include:

  • Aircon servicing
  • Installation
  • Chemical wash
  • Chemical overhaul
  • Gas top-up
  • Troubleshooting

Let us check for the warning sign that shows your aircon is looking for service.

Your AC is not keeping you cool

Usually, as a homeowner, you might think it’s a common issue that your AC is not keeping cool due to the rising temperatures in Singapore. However, this is not the case. Your AC should be able to cool your home effectively irrespective of whatever the temperature is outside.

There could be various reasons like

  • AC coolant not working properly
  • Air filters have got become dirty and got choked

Blowing of warm air

This is a sure-shot sign that your AC needs repairs.

  • Check the thermostat if you feel warm air blowing out of the AC vents.
  • Ensure that it is on the cooling mode and
  • Set it lower than the current indoor temperature.

If your vent still blows warm air, there might be issues with the compressor or restricted airflow. Avoid attempting to fix it yourself. Rather call L.K. Brothers to get it checked properly and repaired.

Cycling on and off frequently

This process is known as short-cycling. Your AC should go through routine cooling cycles, irrespective of what the weather is outside. It is expected that your cooling system would turn on more frequently on the hottest days in Singapore but it should not cycle on and off very frequently.

This frequent short cycling will wear down your AC fast leading to heavy wear and tear, needs for ac repair shreveport la, and even early replacement. If you notice frequent cycles, contact the cooling experts L.K. Brothers for a quick assessment.

Water leakage

Your aircon is working on the refrigerant to cool the indoors and as a result, may produce condensation. However, the droplets should not accumulate or leak into your home.

If you notice a pool of water or active leakage around your AC then it is an important sign that the cooling system has some problem. Leaks can damage the walls of your home and might even lead to structural damage. Hence, don’t delay and call aircon experts soon to resolve the issue.

High electricity bills

Getting a little raised electricity bill during summers in Singapore due to over-usage of air conditioners is expected.

However, if you find your electricity bills to be higher than what it was last summer, it is time to get maintenance done. It might be a sign that your AC is not working efficiently and hence taking in more electricity than required.

Bad odour

Smelly or unpleasant odour inside your home due to any reason is very irritating. If it’s coming from your AC, get a quick check-up done.

UV lamps work miraculously to eliminate bacterial growth in your AC. There could also be fungus in the ducts that need to be cleaned.

Strange noises

It is understood that your AC has no way to be silent but it should not be banging, grinding, clanging, screeching, or hissing. These noises are quite alarming and are a sure shot sign that it needs a repair.

Schedule an appointment with L.K. Brothers soon if you see any of the above signs in your AC.