Monday, July 22

Important Information to Learn When Buying an Apartment

The process of looking for and buying an apartment has its own details to consider, it is not the same as buying a house. When you choose to invest in one of the Kogarah new apartments it helps to know a few things about being an apartment owner.

Understanding the difference between leasehold and freehold

When you own the land and the house that is an example of a freehold property. When you buy a property within a larger property like an apartment that is leasehold. You have your own property but you share the main building with others and therefore share the maintenance and repair costs with the other people too. When you invest in Kogarah central apartments your leasehold is for a specific period of time, though it can be as long as 999 years. When buying an apartment leasehold property make sure you know what the lease time remaining is.

Fees and service charges

Another thing you have with an apartment building is that there are other monthly charges and fees to find out and keep in mind with your budget. You will be paying your mortgage on top of those fees. These go towards things like repairing communal areas, property care and so on. Make sure you know who is in charge of what, when it comes to repairs and maintenance. 

What are the rules about alterations and major repairs?

Ask about whether you are allowed to make any alterations to the apartment. Sometimes with Kogarah new apartments you are not allowed to make any changes, and sometimes there are just some provisions or restrictions. Be sure to check before you make any major changes as legally that could put you in a lot of trouble if you were not meant to do it. Also keep in mind that your service charges while they might cover general maintenance, might not cover major repairs to the property. If something happens to the roof, for example, all the property owners might have to split the cost of the repairs between them. It is important in those cases to keep some spare in your repair budget, just in case.

Are there any restrictions that might impact you?

Restrictions are common in apartment buildings to try and keep the peace and keep everyone happy! For example, there are some that do not allow any kind of pet. If you have a cat or any other pet, make sure you are allowed to move it into the building should you purchase an apartment there. Many also have noise restrictions like not playing loud music after a certain time so people can sleep.


When you are looking to buy one of excellent Kogarah central apartments make sure you ask about the above factors so you can best choose a building you can afford and where you are not required to give up your pet who you love and have had for the last ten years! Apartments are a great place to live when you are prepared for the process.