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Commercial roofs from which you can select for your home

6 Tips to Choose the Right Roof Type for Your Dream Home

Like the roofing of the residential house, the commercial roofing also needs to meet the expectations. Roofs need to be sturdy and reliable because they have to last for around 20-30 years based on the installation process, materials used, and other factors. There are lots of options available in the market that makes your decision precise. Let’s discuss a few of them that will give you a high degree of satisfaction. 

  • Build-up roofing

Build-up roofing or commonly known as bur is common of all available as standard tar and gravel roof used for more than a century. It is the most trustable one because it is tried and true. The unbeatable price and durability made it extremely popular. Some of the common types are coal tar, asphalt, and cold-applied adhesive. 

  • Modified bitumen roofing

Such kind of roofing is similar to built-up roofing with additional positive features and long-life advantages. It is not expensive, made of new technologies and application systems, which are beneficial for the environment too. This roofing comes with self-adhering sheets that avoid hazards of volatile organic compounds and high-temperature adhesives. Modified bitumen requires minimal maintenance due to its simplified design. It is the most picked one if you need high foot traffic. Moreover, it is also useful in preventing leakage. 

  • Thermoplastic membrane

Being the fastest growing choice in the industry, the thermoplastic membrane is available with unique characteristics. It’s been just 10 years that this roofing is surrounding the market. The roofing is made of thermoplastic olefin (TPO) or polyvinyl chloride. It often comes in white color and comes with UV absorbers, flame retardants, colorant, and different add-ins for attaining physical properties. 

  • Thermoset roof membrane

Most of the time, the thermoset roof membrane is confused with thermoplastic olefin. This uses single-ply rubber material required for making a roof that resists UV light, acid, ozone, solvents, and alcohol resistance. 

  • Spray polyurethane foam

Unique in its own way, spray polyurethane foam is quite seamless, and self-adhering that is excellent for commercial roofing purposes. Two liquid compounds are usually included in the installation process. Popular for its simple maintenance and installation, it also gives you resistance against ultraviolet rays. 

Wrapping up

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