Saturday, June 22

Home Moving is the best Choices in Various Patterns

Are you moving to a new home and planning to use the services of a mover? This is indeed a great way to save time and avoid the stress that this kind of transfer entails. But you still have to contact a quality moving company. Here are some tips for making the right choice.

Choosing a moving company is not always easy. Of course, there are many ways to compare quotes, look at consumer reviews, and get advice on how to avoid being fooled, thanks to the internet.

Despite this, it is common for some of our customers to tell us about their misadventures with other providers. This is why we have decided in all objectivity (or almost) to give you the right advice for choosing your mover. Choosing the home movers  is important there, with the professionals support is essential here.

Large store or small craftsman?

The big brands of moving often promise wonders. Attractive prices, quality service, a quick move, etc.

It is obvious that this is very often far from reality. And for good reason, the major moving brands are for the most part structured in several parts:

  • Commercial
  • Moving workers
  • Management bodies

Apart from the sales representatives are not always trained in the rules of the art to establish the estimates, to calculate the volume of the move or to foresee the vagaries of the profession of mover. They do not always have the necessary experience as a mover.

  • In addition, communication between the various organs of the company is often faulty. The sales representatives will forget to warn the workers of the difficulties of the site, the workers will not necessarily have the right tools or the right supplies to carry out the move, etc.
  • These situations can sometimes create tension, angry movers are not always focused on their job and can sometimes make your move in a hurry to make up for mistakes that have been made.
  • Of course, not all the major moving brands are concerned, but this is the observation of several of our clients who have called on us precisely because we are a small- scale, artisanal company.

Please note that craftsmanship does not only have advantages. A craftsman will certainly be less competitive vis-à-vis the big brands on the cost of the move , but will tend to take care of his client to retain him or the big brands are well known enough not to always need it.


Without forgetting that not all craftsmen are the guarantee of quality work. In spite of everything, there are still some unprofessional and sometimes unscrupulous movers, whether they are craftsmen or not. However, craftsmanship is still more often synonymous with quality.