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Don’t Be Alarmed When Your Toilet Gargles At You – Your Local Plumber Knows What To Do.

Your Local Plumber Knows What To Do

It’s happened. The toilet has blocked up, and instead of flushing something away, it’s making its way back up and filling your bathroom with a nasty smell and health concerning deposits on the bathroom floor. It can be easy to panic and attempt to unblock it yourself, but it may not be the toilet that is the problem. Instead, it may be a blocked drain pipe or a clog in the main sewer line, so instead, call in your local plumber to properly assess the situation and have it fixed as fast as possible. Besides the problematic toilet, there are many other plumbing issues you may experience in your home. For instance, your hot water may be running cold, in which case you potentially have a fault with your water heater, or the drains in your home are gargling and have a horrid smell permeating from them. Food scraps, oil and debris build-up in our kitchens contribute to foul odours and slow drainage, so scrape food into the bin before washing your dishes and don’t dispose of oil in your kitchen sink. It can be alarming to hear strange noises coming from our home’s plumbing, but there is usually a straightforward diagnosis that can be resolved relatively quickly. So, if it smells, gargles or has slow drainage, get hold of your local plumber and avoid any further complications.

Tips To Keep Your Plumbing Healthy

It can be very easy to overlook the plumbing in your home, but it plays a significant role in the functionality and comfort of everyday living. Everything from doing the laundry to relieving yourself depends on your plumbing, and performing menial tasks can become challenging if our plumbing suddenly gives in. Fortunately, there are many things we can do and minor tweaks in our everyday tasks that can significantly improve the health of your home’s plumbing. Much like a cleanse to clear your arteries and detoxify, your plumbing pipes need a similar treatment. Take a look at these tips for a healthier plumbing system and practice them in your daily routine – your home will thank you.

  • Use drain covers – drain covers serve a significant purpose in keeping pipes clean and free from blockage. Hair accumulation from showering builds up quickly and is the main contributor to a blocked drain in your shower. In addition, drain covers in your kitchen sink prevent large pieces of food from getting lodged in the drain.
  • Switch soap – regular soap bars produce large amounts of soap scum that coat your drains and prevent water drainage. Instead, use a body wash to prevent soap scum build-up. 
  • Do not pour oil down the drain – grease and oil will solidify somewhere down the drain before reaching the main sewer line. Once the grease solidifies, it will prevent proper drainage and could result in damage. If you dispose of oil in the drain, always flush it with hot water for a few seconds to help it go down.
  • Do not use caustic or corrosive drain cleaners – it is unknown how long the chemicals remain in the pipes, and if there is a blockage preventing the chemicals from being washed out, it could lead to damage. Alternative measures for unclogging a drain is either using a plunger or drain snake. 
  • Don’t abuse your toilet – we all know what toilets are designed for, and they are not intended for anything other than toilet paper. So refrain from disposing of feminine hygiene products, wet wipes or anything other than regular tissue paper. 

By practising these few tips, you can significantly improve the durability and efficiency of your plumbing, preventing costly toilet repair marietta ga or maintenance and inconvenience.

When Are Plumbing Issues An Emergency? 

Most plumbing issues are considered an emergency because they generally prevent you from using it and accessing water. However, a smelly drain may not be as severe as a consistently overflowing toilet, which usually indicates a blockage in the main sewer line. Typically, a blockage in the main sewer line is a call for concern and should be addressed immediately by your local plumber. Anything from a broken pipe to a sloped pipe could cause plumbing issues, even an overgrowth in tree roots. So be sure to check with the professionals before attempting any fixes on your own. Generally, a blocked sewer line is a health hazard as it causes backflow of raw sewerage into your home and could lead to the evacuation of the premises in extreme cases.

Contact your nearest local plumber for any minor or severe plumbing issues. Ipswitch has the professional expertise you need to get the job done.