Thursday, May 30

Essential Sideboard Options You Need to Know About

How to choose your bar stools? If the foot and the seat are the characteristics of all stools, some have other accessories that can improve your comfort:

  • A footrest, appreciated especially for the taller models.
  • The armrests, which you will need to take into account the height to be able to put under the table or bar.
  • A backrest, which supports the lower back and improves comfort.
  • A folding stool, to save space in the kitchen.
  • A padded seat, less hard, which makes the position comfortable for longer on the stool.
  • A fixed or 360 ° swivel seat, which facilitates exchanges and makes it possible to find a less fixed position.

What Material to Choose For Your Kitchen Stool?

The choice of a material for a bar stool is based as much on aesthetic as practical criteria:

The material of the stool base

Wood is a noble material, which fits into both rustic and trendy decor. You can choose a bar stool model in raw wood, or painted, which opens up more possibilities. The most used species are oak, beech, pine or spruce.

Metal, especially chrome-plated steel or not, is a relevant choice for a more industrial atmosphere. Depending on the thickness of the metal chosen, it can be very light or much heavier. It will often be easy to clean and very wear resistant. You will also find it in different colors. Now with best quality Sideboard for sale you can find the best models.

The material of the stool seat

The imitation leather or fabric is often padded, and therefore more comfortable. On the other hand, they will be more sensitive to stains or claws from animals (like cats, who appreciate high stools).

Plastic opens up the field of colors, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It will also find its place in a modern decor. It is also often inexpensive.

If you decide to add stools to your garden furniture, choose materials resistant to moisture, both for the foot and for the seat cover, so that you can leave them outside whatever the conditions.

Compose Your Bar Stool Yourself

The elements of stools to compose one mark the end of compromises and allow you to fully customize your stools, according to your tastes and needs:

  • Choose the seat and the stool base that you like: colors, materials, shapes
  • Choosing two elements from the same brand will guarantee their compatibility for fixing.
  • Then simply assemble the two elements with the screws provided, and you’re done.