Thursday, April 18

Finding a Roof Cleaning Contractor – Things to Look out for

Do I Really Need to Clean my Roof?

Yes, you do! Residential roof cleaning is a booming business in the UK. There’s a good reason for that, too. It is an essential part of roof maintenance and should be carried out every year or so to keep your roof up to standard. If you live in Chesire, check out Just Clean Property Care which has roof cleaners based in Cheshire.

Without regular cleaning, your roof can deteriorate. Moss will form, moisture will increase, and you may spring a leak. Once that happens, you leave yourself at risk of damp, which can encourage mould, and in some cases, lead to partial or total collapse. That’s not just expensive – it could also be life-threatening. 

Regular cleaning not only improves the safety and longevity of your roof but can also prevent the likelihood of pest infestations. It boosts the cosmetic appeal, making your home more attractive if it’s on the market. As if that weren’t enough, keeping a clean roof will increase the energy efficiency of your home, so you could actually save money on your bills!

Can I do it myself?

Technically, yes. But should you? No. There’s a reason roof cleaning is such a profitable business. It’s dangerous, takes skill and the right equipment, and the willingness to work at height.

When you’re looking for someone to clean your roof, there are some essential factors to take into consideration:

  • Experience

This goes without saying – the longer someone’s been doing something, the better they are at it. And that’s especially true when it comes to a trade. Look for a contractor with a well-established history.

  • Fair Pricing

When it comes to pricing, location is something to take into consideration. Prices are higher where rents are higher, as a rule of thumb. The size of the company can also affect the price: the bigger the company, the more overheads, the higher the cost for the consumer. For a medium sized company employing around 5 people, rates in London could reach £600. In the Midlands, prices range between £450 – £500, and in the North, a price of around £400 is common. 

  • Reputation

This is essential, not only for roof cleaners but for any tradespeople in general. There are many websites that aggregate customer reviews, and lots can be learnt from a company’s social media presence too. Alternatively, ask your friends and neighbours if they know anyone they could recommend. A word-of-mouth referral speaks volumes on a company’s behalf. 

  • The Right Washing Method

The age of your roof dictates the method of washing required. Older roofs need a softer washing system, so as not to cause any damage. Newer roofs can withstand more vigorous cleaning, and pressure washers that would destroy older roof tiles are not only fine to use, the are becoming increasingly common. This can also affect the length of time, and therefore the cost to you, so its important you know which method you need.