Sunday, May 26

Get Right with Your Dining Table Specifications to Rock Your Décor

A dining table is certainly the most crucial element in your dining area as well as your entire house. With this being the entire focal point, you do not want to mess your décor anyhow. But choosing and settling for the right one too takes a lot of considerations. A practical approach is going to make things go seamless for you. 

A few of your considerations must include the ideal shape, size, and material of the table you want to opt for.


The shape will help you to filter down your options. Your room’s style is going to reveal the best shape.

  • Rectangle/Square- This is the most common shape available. This is great for bigger families and if your room is rectangular.
  • Round/ Oval- These can accommodate more people. Squeezing an extra chair is no longer a worry because there are no corners to obstruct you. They are also a perfect fit for small rooms or non-rectangular rooms.


The table’s size will entirely depend on the dimensions of the room you are placing it in. There are few inbuilt predetermined sizes for seating capacities like:

  • 48” table for 4 people
  • 60” table for 6 people
  • 72” table for 8 people

The height variations fall between 28 to 30 inches to keep comfortable leg space. You can also choose among counter-height tables to provide extra space for food prep and serving.


The tables are available in a wide range of materials. Choosing the material depends entirely on personal aesthetics and how will it coalesce with your décor.

  • Wood- This is the most common choice. This is the most durable option and lasts long. Only a paint stroke or staining will help it retrieve back to its original form. You will also have the benefit to choose among different wood textures.
  • Lacquer- This is a glossy and resin-based material used as a layer of coating on other materials. It is a reflective option and liberates a chic feel.
  • Glass- This gives a modern look to space. They do not add clunky visuals and make the spaces appear larger than usual. It is also very low maintenance.
  • Marble- This is luxurious and sophisticated but maintenance is quite hard. Also, not every décor can accommodate marble showdown.

Mobilart dining table sets are available in every type you seek out for. Refer to our recommendations for having the best sets.