Tuesday, July 23

Three Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying a Cottage

A lot of people in Canada have realized the dream of owning a cottage. This has to do with the pandemic that forced Canadians to stick close to home when travelling. Nothing beats a tranquil waterfront retreat where you can fulfill the need to escape the urban chaos and seek isolation. Or maybe you want to buy a cottage as a party home where your family and friends get together on the weekends. No matter how you plan on you using your cottage, it is a great way to invest extra money. A cottage is something you can keep as your retirement plan or you can leave for your grandchildren. To find the right cottage for sale and maximise your investment, read the tips below to get the right information:

Hire a Real Estate Broker

You need to work with a reputable real estate broker or agent who has knowledge about cottage properties and will guide you through the things that should be checked before you close the deal. A good agent has the right checklist to ensure you don’t miss out on important opportunities or deals during the purchase. 

Decide the Kind of Cottage You Want and Its Location

The market for cottages has a lot of options including seasonal cottages, winterised homes, country homes, hobby farms, or chalets. For average families, a winterized all-year-round cottage with a waterfront is the most popular. Although you will need some money to renovate the property, it will pay itself with all the good times you will spend during escapes that are possible at any time of the year. 

Moreover, the location of the cottage is an important consideration. When you pick a cottage, consider the travel time it will take to get there and the access to amenities you may need. Your agent knows where exactly you can find cottages that meet your needs. Also, find a well-maintained structure to reduce issues you might encounter later on.

Have Professional Inspections Done

If you have decided to look for waterfront cottages and found one that suits your budget, you must hire a home inspector to inspect the property for you. With cottages, there are many things you must keep in mind. Because some older cottages are constructed on perimeter walls and not full foundations, you might be able to see signs of building movements such as cracks on walls. A professional home inspector can spot all structural and mechanical issues with footings, roofs, decks, piers, or drainage.