Thursday, June 13

Get to it: signs your bathroom needs an upgrade

signs your bathroom needs an upgrade

Oh, yuck! A dirty, gritty bathroom is one we can all do without. It’s not the 90s anymore, and we shouldn’t be subjected to dated fixtures oozing grime and gunk on a daily basis. The bathroom is a space where we should all feel comfortable to get ready for a busy day ahead, and not be downtrodden by the grim reality that the space hasn’t been reinvigorated since it was built back in the Victorian Era!

There are many elements to the home bathroom that could warrant a fast and furious remodelling, the likes of which we will detail right here in this post:

It feels tiny

We don’t know why, but old school bathroom designers had a knack for making things look tiny. There are numerous wonderful upgrades you can undertake to eliminate this congested feeling, with everything from larger mirrors to the best frameless shower screen Melbourne has available!

There are numerous things to look out for: framed shower screens and patterned-designs cut off half the space, making it feel tight and enclosed. Also, those tiny old mirrors do nothing to amplify the feeling of space, not to mention being a real nightmare to use when you’re trying to beautify yourself for the day ahead.

Finally, if your space is coloured with dull, dingy colours, this will also have an enclosing effect – enliven the room with a bright, airy paint job!

Your fixtures are old & ruined

The last thing you want is to be stuck with old fixtures. Dodgy old toilets, leaking shower heads, taps with no concept of temperature control – all of these go a long way to making you feel quite uncomfortable (and even a little unsafe!) in what should be a really calming space.

Plus, dodgy old fixtures can be a great way to ooze dirty liquids around the room, and this is the last thing you want to have to keep calling a plumber to fix! So, if you find that your fixtures are failing to get the job done the way they were when they were installed in the 70s, well, perhaps, it’s time to level up a bit…

You lack proper storage space

Oh, man, what a nuisance! You go to grab your nail clipper and it’s buried under a pile of other goods. Or, you find that your toothbrush has blended in with some seriously grotty old goods (tell us it’s not a used cotton bud on the bristles!). Storage space is imperative to creating a roomy bathroom, and if you find that you’re struggling to grab your essentials because a: you don’t have any vanity space, and b: you barely have any cupboard space – it’s probably time to switch it up.

Old designs never seemed to optimise the space they contained, leaving plenty of floor room without focusing on one of the most important aspects of home design – storage! So, if you’ve been having a really unpleasant time just trying to comfortably grab your essential goods for getting ready, it’s about time you thought about the floor plan and what can be done to make it more roomy for your needs.

You just don’t feel right in there!

And this can happen for many reasons, with the result being one thing: the need to upgrade. If you find something that just isn’t going your way in this most important room of readying, then perhaps it’s time to make that all-important, seriously-considered upgrade!