Thursday, June 13

How I Prepared My Home for Aircon Chemical Cleaning Services

My family uses the AC when sleeping at night because it’s hot regardless of the season. We used the aircon from 9 pm to 5 am. And as soon as my kids woke up for their classes, I turned off the AC. I thought I was doing everything right. I never knew that my AC also needed regular aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore. It happened when the AC suddenly blew hot air, which was uncomfortable for us.

I contacted a service provider to look after the AC to avoid this situation again. But before they came to my house, I prepared our room for the repair and cleaning services. In doing so, the process was smooth, and the results were desirable.

How I Prepared My Home for Aircon Chemical Cleaning Services

Of course, looking for a Mitsubishi aircon repair in Singapore was my priority when our AC suddenly malfunctioned. I didn’t wait for days to call a service provider because, without the AC, my kids wouldn’t be able to sleep comfortably. As I called them, here’s how I prepared my home for the repair and cleaning services for a more convenient process.

1) Move The Obstructions

Before the repair crew arrived, I moved the obstructions first so they could have better access to the AC. I removed large furniture and indoor plants so the team could move around my home while doing the aircon chemical cleaning service. I moved the items hours before they arrived, so it was easier to manoeuvre without any items blocking.

2) Ask About The Fee

As they arrived at my home, the crew and I calculated the fee I would pay. They included additional services during the cleaning and repairing process. In doing so, I would know how much I should pay for the aircon chemical wash price in Singapore. It also prevented me from miscommunication which can result in more conflicts.

3) Keep Your Kids and Pets Safe

Another thing you should look after is the safety of your kids and pets. Luckily, my kids were at their school when the crew arrived. However, our two dogs were at home, so I asked my neighbour to let my pets in at their condo unit. After the service, I got my pets and returned to our home.

4) Plan for the Repairing and Cleaning Schedule

I also talked with the repair and cleaning crew about the schedule. Since I needed two to three sessions for aircon gas top up in Singapore, I asked to plan for the dates so I could reschedule my plans. Doing so won’t delay my activities for the week or day. I chose dates when my kids had classes to avoid descriptions when they were studying at home.

5) Offer Some Accommodations: Free Snacks / Bathroom Use

They said that the best clients are the ones who are accommodating. So, to embody this message, I offered accommodations like free snacks and bathroom use for the crew. Also, I greet them with good mornings and thank them for their services. This way, I built up a good relationship with the service provider.

Since then, we have had comfortable nights and improved our sleep quality! So, if you want to improve your AC efficiency, you can visit the website of Good Cool SG to learn more about their aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore.