Tuesday, July 23

How To Properly Delimit Your Garden?

The fence is much more than a simple aesthetic structure that optimizes the decoration of your garden. It also guarantees the security of your residence and your privacy. Several alternatives are offered in this area on dedicated platforms. Making the right choice with flower bed maintenance companies near me for example is more necessary than ever. It is about your comfort and estimate of your building renovation project.

A Heather Fence

Modest, original, and effective, the thick heather brand is the new fashion accessory to enclose a space. It is available in several sizes and thicknesses, thus varying its price between twenty and sixty euros per panel. However, even if it means paying a high price, we advise you to opt for quality materials with an average thickness of 3 to 4 cm, i.e., a density of around 8 kg/m2.

This kind of product will last you for decades. It is not only trendy, but thanks to its high density, it is also very easy to handle. This impacts how quickly you can arrange your space. In addition, opting for this type of coating, of professional quality, will guarantee your privacy and the aesthetics of your outdoor layout. Its concealment capacity, however, depends on its density. This is why you should consider only branded products with a density between 5 and 15 kg/m2. For information, with a panel of 5 kg/m2, you will already benefit from a concealment capacity of 97%.

As a reminder, heathland is a panel made of small branches and twigs. Natural and aesthetic, with a nice finish, it can play both the role of a fence and a natural blackout panel. Ultra-thick, it offers some sound insulation. It can also be used as a windbreak, which optimizes your comfort. It is a fence that can withstand all weather conditions and requires very little maintenance.

Available in different heights, heath adapts to all gardens and architectures. You don’t need to do a lot of work to enjoy it. It is a coating that will fit your fences perfectly. For fixing, all you need is galvanized iron wire. This is the guarantee of the authenticity of your outdoor layout. And for a good reason, it is a panel made with pieces of dried wood in a natural gray color.

Opt For Wood

However, wood remains the timeless element of home furnishings indoors and outdoors. It gives you an atypical and modern atmosphere in your outdoor space. Also, wood is known for its strength. It is a natural and ecological fence that requires little transformation before being used.

Depending on your desires and requirements, you can adopt several types of wood and wooden fence styles in your garden using Earth Development for example. For blackout walls, in particular, you can opt for kit fences offered by major brands. They are aesthetic, modern, and classic and adapt to all infrastructures.

Log fences are an excellent alternative if you need to delimit your territory while playing on transparency and subtlety; log f Crossed or simple, available at a certain height: wood brings an aesthetic finish to your garden. Be aware, however, that if this solution is prized for its modernity, it does not ensure the security of your home.