Saturday, April 20

How to Choose the Perfect Floor Mat Color

Are you wondering how to choose the right Chair mats for your house? Should you choose classic colours? Or is it too boring? Many people choose beige, but begin to doubt their decision, wouldn’t it be too gloomy?

In fact, there are a huge number of options to implement in your home space. In reality, mat colour is more than just its appearance. Believe it or not,  its colour can affect how big your home looks and how hungry you feel on a daily basis. This article will help you make your decision

There are a few basic steps you must follow to find your ideal mat colour:

Step one: figure out the colours you hate. All colours that you are neutral about can be present on your mat.

Step two: read the rest of this article. This way, you will learn more about colours to consider as possible options. This should narrow the range down to just a few colours.

Final step: find these colours in the store and take samples home. Or you can buy your perfect mat online.

The psychological impact of colour

There is no doubt that everything that surrounds us has a psychological effect. Maybe this will serve you as the main criterion for choosing a colour for your mat.

• Red is stimulating, but that might be a little vague. What does it stimulate? One thing is clear – red evokes violent emotions. However, research shows that people who see red not only stimulate their senses, but they also have physical signs of stimulation – a slight increase in heart rate and breathing. Common emotions evoked by this colour are love, hate and hunger. Thus, red is great for a bedroom or dining room.

• Orange is similar to red, but with reduced intensity. It creates a warm, energetic and welcoming atmosphere. Different shades of orange can have different meanings. Agree, it is very unusual to see an orange mat in the interior, but it can be an interesting colour for a children’s room, an entertainment room, and a dark shade of orange can be used in a dining room with the same mission as red.

• Gold / yellow is the most cheerful and energetic colour. It can symbolise wastefulness due to its association with money. Colour can be used to boost energy and motivation in an office space, so it’s a great choice for a chair mat, or to please the eye in a welcoming living room.

• Green is the colour of life and the colour of financial well-being. The light green colour symbolises nature, renewal and health. Darker shades of green symbolise money and perhaps even greed, while yellow-green shades tend to have negative associations due to illness and envy. Use lighter shades of green if you want a natural, refreshing atmosphere.

• Blue is a deep and soothing colour, representative of the sky and the sea. It symbolises loyalty, trust and wisdom. In contrast to red, it slows down the body’s metabolism, providing a calming and softening effect on the body. There is also some speculation that it benefits the mind and body. Use blue in any room where you want to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

• Purple. It symbolises power, luxury and wealth. A light purple can help create an atmosphere of romance and nostalgia, while darker tones are usually perceived negatively, with sadness. Purple is great for bedrooms and workrooms where you want to show off your strength or wealth.

• Black is a classic colour that speaks of strength, mysticism and evil. Typically, black is associated with a negative sense of emptiness. However, if the interior is well-thought-out, then black can create an atmosphere of traditional elegance. In short, be careful when using this colour.

• White is purity. It gives the space a sense of purity and innocence. It is the colour of perfection, as any imperfections stand out and become visible against a white background. White is a great colour for your home if you can take on the responsibility of caring for it.

• Beige and grey are some of the most neutral colours. They may have some meaning, but in general, they do not provoke unnecessary emotions. They can be interpreted as soothing shades.

Colour Trends

Life is too short to deny yourself fun. This trend seems to be gaining momentum today, as too much negative news is circulating around the world. Interestingly, this motto extends down to the colour of the mat.  The best thing is that you can choose your perfect mat online.

The current trend is to use bright colours in the interior. Does this mean that in order for you to be in trend, you need to urgently purchase a bright yellow mat? Not necessary. In fact, neutral colours are more popular today than ever. Neutrality is too versatile to go beyond style. The difference is that modern homeowners add a touch of interesting to neutral colours. How can you do this? There are many ways to help you make your beige and grey mat become a bright accent in your house.

1. One of the options is to choose not only beige from neutral tones. If you look at the entire colour gamut, you will realise that light blue or muted yellow can bring in a bit of colour with a neutral colour gamut.

2. Another option is to opt for a grey mat with bold detailing. It will give the room an interesting design.

3. You can also think outside of the colour to make your regular coloured rug more interesting. You can choose a textured design for a grey mat, in which case the texture will distract from the trivial colour.

In short, there are many ways to be bold and flamboyant.


One would think that a mat is not such an important item in a house, but as you can see, even its colour can make changes in your home and the way you feel in it. Do not approach the choice of your door or chair mats with disinterest. Especially if you can choose and order the perfect one in just a few clicks.