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How to Style Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets With Modern Twist

How to Style Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets With Modern Twist

Navy blue kitchen cabinets have never been rendered unfashionable, thanks to their timeless navy appeal. Year in year and out, cabinets with navy blue paint top lists of trending kitchen design ideas. Continue reading this article if at all you are looking forward to installing cabinets adorned with navy blue color inside your pantry.

We aim to familiarize you with everything about navy blue cabinets as well as dazzling ideas on how to make them a distinctive mark of beauty in any type of interior.

Everything about Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Navy blue, undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular colors, has been influential in the interior design industry since the 18th century. Because of its bold demeanor and luxurious appeal, this adorable color is linked to feelings of trust and security.

Kitchen cabinets with navy blue paint are particularly admired for their outlooks, which are entirely eye-catchy yet less attention-seeking.

Besides the unquestionably attractive navy bluish appeal, the following attributes define navy blue kitchen cabinets.


Compared to other shades of the color blue, navy blue is a more conservative shade, a fact that makes it valuable in interior design. Kitchen cabinets with navy blue color can conceal smudges, spills, and scratches, all because navy blue is a dark color. Moreover, these drawers can make an interior feel warm, full of life, and unusually relaxed, thanks to the fact that their shade is nearly black.

The fact that navy blue can blend with many different shades-from neutral to bold shades-means that, cabinets adorned with this paint are easier to mix with colors for any interior design outlook. With navy blue kitchen cabinets, therefore, everything about cabinet cleaning, maintenance, and styling, is simplified.

Compatibility with Different Kitchen Interiors

Considering that their color allows them to blend with many different colors, navy blue cabinets can impressively fit in all types of kitchen interiors. These drawers are a highlight of traditional kitchens based on their conservative demeanor. In modern kitchen interior designs, navy blue cabinets are marks of luxury, sophistication, and color contrast.

In this regard, if you want to get access to unparalleled possibilities for trying out as many interior design trends as you want, simply choose navy blue cabinetries. With them, you can effortlessly hop from one design to the other in terms of your kitchen interior outlook, provided you know how to blend them with colors and material finishes.

How to Enhance the Outlook of Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

#1: Accessorize Navy Blue Cabinets

Limiting the conservative outlook of their navy blue color is one strategy for beautifying cabinets with blue paint. To make navy blue kitchen cabinets look less traditional, you must add accessories, more so, modern industrial accessories, to their surfaces.

If you opt for metallic accessories, for example, those designed from steel, copper, or gold, you will find it easy to complement the appearance of navy blue cabinets while enhancing the overall interior appearance of your scullery. This is ideally based on the fact that shiny metallic surfaces and navy blue color have contrasting properties.

#2: Pair Navy Blue Cabinets with Colors

As we observed earlier on, cabinets with navy blue paint are some of the easiest to pair with colors. Considering that navy blue boasts compatibility with a lot of colors, kitchen cabinets whose surfaces are marked by navy blue color can blend well with both heavy and light shades.

In this regard, you can try mixing navy blue cabinets with different colors to heighten their eye-catchy properties. When pairing navy blue drawers with colors, it would be important if you considered;

  • Making the cabinetry two-toned
  • Applying contrasting colors on the walls and floors
  • Incorporating natural wood tones

#3: Repaint Navy Blue Cabinets

For navy blue kitchen cabinets with fading surfaces, repainting or re-staining is the best strategy for face restoration. In repainting your drawers, you can choose to apply a different navy blue shade or simply work with the original paint. Either way, repainting will unquestionably enhance their appearance.

Before launching any repainting exercise, you must factor in the overall cost of repainting unless you never work with a budget. If you choose to work with a non-navy blue paint, you should beware of your design preferences as well as the colors and interior décor materials in your kitchen,

What Colors Work Best with Navy Blue Cabinets

There are dozens of colors that you can blend with navy blue kitchen cabinets. In this section, we have compiled amazing color combinations that work best where there are navy blue cabinetries.

Navy Blue and White

The color white rhymes perfectly with all shades of the color blue, including the admirable navy blue. In this respect, if you install navy blue cabinets in your kitchen, you can give them a background of white, in terms of flooring, ceiling, and backsplashes.

Navy Blue and Contemporary Bright Shades

Besides traditional colors like white, navy blue shades can rhyme with visibly brighter contemporary shades, for example, the likes of yellow, pink, and emerald green, not to mention shiny metallic finishes. In this regard, you can pair navy blue kitchen cabinets with intensely colored kitchenware or accessories with metallic surfaces.

Navy Blue and Sky Blue

Other than blending navy blue cabinets with non-blue shades, you can let their amazing outlook interact with other shades of blue for an oceanic kitchen interior outlook. In this regard, you should choose sky blue, a shade that can let you achieve any stately interior outlook regardless of the shade of navy blue you blend it with.

Tips for Choosing Colors to Pair with Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

You must consider the following factors if you want to choose the perfect colors to blend with navy blue kitchen cabinets.

  • The overall color feature of your kitchen
  • Your interior design needs
  • The shade of navy on your navy blue cabinets
  • Kitchen size and layout

Final Thoughts

Widely regarded as forever-fashionable cabinetry designs, navy blue kitchen cabinets are a sight worth seeing. Because of their amazing conservative outlook, these drawers boast outstanding functional properties, which include the ease of styling and working with them. Kitchen cabinets with navy blue paint can rhyme perfectly with a myriad of colors, from neutrals to contemporary brighter shades.