Monday, July 22

How VR Technology Can Help Real Estate Sector?

How Virtual Reality will help Real Estate industry to drive sales - WhaTech

Frequent progress in technology is revolutionizing the way businesses are performed. In real estate, ‘Virtual Reality’ and ‘Virtual Tours’ are a boon, especially in this COVID 19 situation. Virtual Reality or VR is created in 3D using a remote and helmet to design a virtual world. 

Studio Tallbox has a talented Architectural & Interior Design Visualization team keen to offer services ranging from 3D concept and interior design business management to virtual staging and property marketing CGI. Today, virtual house viewing has become a necessity for realtors because without virtual tours they are unable to help their potential customers see exactly what they desire. With this knowledge, customers can make an informed and quick buying decision. Besides, VR allows 360° house viewing without moving physically. 

Important facts and figures

  • 95% of interested homebuyers search for homes on the internet.
  • 51% of homes bought are found online, so adapting VR is a clever move.
  • 71% of millennia’s are optimistic about VR use.
  • 77% of potential home buyers desire to do a VR before the physical or in-person visit.
  • 62% of American citizens partner with a realtor that offers 3D virtual tours.
  • 68% of potential customers wish to see how their furniture will look in the new home.

The statistics reveal that realtors and buyers can benefit from using Virtual Reality technology.

How VR benefits realtors?

  • Saves time, effort, and money – Real estate agents have to spend a lot of time, effort, and money to schedule property visits, show potential customers around the properties and negotiate terms & prices. VR allows them to view properties situated remotely or abroad or in a rural location clearly from their website.
  • Better online communication – Clients’ queries about the specific property they are viewing using VR can be resolved in real-time from your office. 
  • Transforms imagination into reality – VR helps clients visualize their dream home. It builds an emotional bond and engages them efficiently than the 2D photographs. 
  • Increases website traffic – VR keeps viewers’ attention for longer than still pictures and plain text. Potential buyers can visualize themselves residing there with ease. VR also offers interactive tools like mortgage calculators that influence the potential purchaser to make an offer.
  • Offers global reach – VR allows realtors to display properties before customers living long-distance. You gain an opportunity to process more inquiries and work with more buyers/sellers from your real estate office desk!

How VR helps property buyers and sellers?

  • Saves time – Buyers have to be prepared for multiple property tours simultaneously in different areas. VR does not totally replace physical property tours but you can narrow down the list. Properties can even be viewed on foreign turf or state.
  • No rush – View the property calmly without feeling rushed or pressurized.
  • Tours available 24/7 – All the listed properties can be viewed 24/7 using VR headsets. There is no need for a realtor to be present for the property tours.
  • Sellers do not need to be concerned about keeping property pristine – Deep cleaning is recommended to home sellers to make the property appealing. Sometimes, sellers have to move out during visits. Using VR, you will just need to clean once for the property shoot, and then you can enjoy your routine life!

Realtors need to consider virtual house viewing experience because it is the future!