Wednesday, April 17

Identify And Irradicate Wasps With Exterminator Services From OIPC

If you’re concerned about wasps in or around your home, or you have identified a nest, it’s time to call a professional wasp exterminator.

Wasps are aggressive insects that can cause severe illness or even death when their victim sustains multiple stings. So, even if you are the bravest of souls, it is always best to leave wasp removal to the professionals. 

In addition, you may mistake a bee hive for a wasps nest, which could lead to destroying an important swarm of pollinators! So, whether you are uncertain or confident that there are wasps in your home, it is always best to seek professional and expert extermination services. 

Old Island Pest Control has been serving the Campell, Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo and Courtenay areas for years, ensuring your home is pest-free year-round. 

Tell-Tale Signs Of A Wasp Infestation. 

Wasps play an important role in the ecosystem, but they are generally more of a pest than anything of real benefit to us. From interrupting our outdoor activities, invading living spaces and potentially inflicting painful stings, wasps are not a welcomed insect. However, a more serious affliction is when they choose to build a nest in your home or business. This can completely halt your activities and operations and possibly close your doors until the wasps have been removed. In a public building such as a school or bank, an infestation can be a major inconvenience. 

It’s important to be aware of the signs of a possible wasp infestation so you can call for professional help as soon as possible; so let’s discuss three tell-tale signs of a wasp infestation:

  1. Swarming insects. It is fairly normal to see the odd wasp fly into your home or business during hot Summer days, but when you see a swarm of these insects, it usually indicates a nest nearby. Just like us, wasps need to gather food, so they leave the nest several times a day before returning to care for their queen and young. Following the flight path can help you identify the nest if it is not easy to find on your own. 
  2. Buzzing. There’s nothing more irritating and sometimes infuriating than a persistent buzzing noise in your ears. Worse is when you can’t figure out where it’s coming from! Wasps make loud buzzing sounds while building their nests, so even if you can’t see them, it could indicate their presence in your home or outbuilding. 
  3. Visible structures. Wasp’s nests are usually an opaque colour, resembling a papery sphere or oblong shape. They often feature a swirl-like pattern with several layers, and cells that are visible from beneath. If you do come across a nest, it’s best to leave it alone and instead call a wasp exterminator to take care of it effectively and without any harm to you or those nearby. 

When To Call A Professional. 

Wasps are one of those insects that don’t need to feel threatened to attack, so simply being in their presence can be dangerous. This becomes even more of a risk when you can’t locate the nest because you can blindly enter their territory. However, locating a wasp nest is challenging, especially when you don’t know what you are looking for. This is why you should always call a professional wasp exterminator to ensure the nest is removed before the swarm grows and builds more nests inside your home or business. 

Another important reason to call an exterminator is if you or someone else in the house has an allergy to wasp stings. Wasps will sting multiple times when they feel threatened and emit a chemical that alerts other wasps to attack as well. If someone allergic sustains several stings, it could quickly become a life or death situation. So, call wasp control even at the slightest inclination of an infestation! 

Old Island Pest Control is your trusted wasp exterminator, so contact us today to schedule an appointment!