Wednesday, April 17

Questions To Ask Before You Choose An Interior Designer For Your Home

If you need an interior designer for your house who can brighten up the space then you need to prepare before you hire them. Though this procedure is a bit expensive and time consuming, the effort can be appreciated in the long run.

It is better that you don’t get carried away with their marketing skills, but what is more important to know is their perfection of work. it’s all about the hard-earned money that you do not want to go waste. Here are some simple steps to ensure that you hire a well-qualified and experienced designer for your house.

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Learn more about their styles

The first thing you can do is to identify their style, which they are good at.This will save you a lot of your time. For example, contemporary, traditional, eclectric, romantic or serene etc. There are many designers who will love to stay in their one profile itself. You need to decide what design you want for your house. and then focus on that designer who will match up your style.

Know about their past projects

You might want to know about their career history and their design aesthetics. Some of these designers have their website and online portfolio,

 I   which they will show you on request. It is perfectly fine if you want to hire new interior design firms but people with experience will always be more skilled and knowledgeable about your renovation needs.

Set your budget

Many interior designers can work as per your budget. If this is not going to work out then they will try to match up your goals or say that it is not possible.

Be aware of your payment plans

Before your hire the interior designer, you need to learn more about their payment plans. Check if it fits your cash flow and if not then negotiate with them

Decide upon your timeline

It is a good idea to decide upon the timeline when you want to get that project done. You need to tell the designer when to start and when you want the project ready. He will see if the project will be ready on time.

Check if there is insurance or warranties

Every interior designing company do provide a workmanship warranty. Here you need to ask questions about the terms and conditions underlying these warranties. Make sure you ask about all minute details before you sign the contract

Are they someone we can trust?

It is not easy to find a reliable designer for your house, but you can make sure by making thorough research on them. Check their customer reviews online. Google is your best friend when it comes to the reputation of the company. Some companies do post pictures of their previous designs and works.

Which contractors they are tied up with?

Most of the interior designing companies have their contractors while others are tied up with third-party contractors. In this scenario, the interior designer will only do the designing and the planning of this renovation while the actual construction will be carried out by the other contractors. This outsourcing will always lead to communication barriers and related problems.

What if you don’t like their designs?

It happens most of the time when the initial presentation might look beautiful, but later it can be a mess. In such a situation, many of the designers will be ready to make the changes and do a fresh design for you or rectify the design. For all this, you will have to check with the designers if they will help in such a situation too. 

Choosing an interior design company for your house is not easy, but you can find a good one by preparing a questionnaire that can help you know more about the designer. Most importantly keep your mind open and prepare yourself for designs that you require. Whenever you feel things not going your way, just say how you are feeling. At the end of the day, this is your home and you have full rights to speak up.