Monday, July 22

Ready for Gutter Cleaning? Safety Tips to Follow

Clean gutters perform better and will make sure the water is moved away from the home, preventing roof and foundation issues. However, they’re not going to stay clean on their own, which means cleaning them does become necessary. Homeowners will want to make sure they take the proper safety precautions if they plan on cleaning the gutters on their own.

Wear Proper Protection

Always wear gloves to protect the hands from anything that may be stuck in the gutters or from loose screws, nails, and other materials. It’s better to have a torn glove than to get cut by something that is rusted and risk tetanus as well as other diseases. Wear goggles while spraying water or blowing air through the gutters to clean them to prevent anything from getting in the eyes. Always wear sturdy shoes with good traction to prevent slipping and falling.

Use a Sturdy Ladder Placed Correctly

The ladder needs to be placed against the home correctly to prevent falling. Make sure there are no damages to the gutters where the ladder is placed and that the ladder is on solid ground so it won’t shift during use. Always keep one hand on the roof and two feet on the ladder when working on the gutters, and remember that the ladder will become slippery when wet.

Have All Tools Ready to Use

Have all tools ready to use and, if possible, someone available to pass them up to avoid getting on and off the ladder frequently. It will be necessary to move the ladder to reach, but going up and down should be minimized other than that to help prevent falls. If any power tools are going to be used, have them plugged in and make sure the cord is not in the way of the ladder or anyone climbing up and down the ladder.

Avoid Working After or During Storms

The ladder can get extremely wet during storms, and wet feet can be slippery after walking through the wet grass to get to the ladder. It’s better to avoid working when there may be wet conditions. Though the ladder can still get wet, this does help cut down on the risk of falling. Another reason to avoid work during storms is the wind. If the wind starts to blow, it can move the ladder, causing a fall.

Don’t Reach to Clean

While on the ladder, avoid reaching to clean areas in the gutters. It’s much better to move the ladder, and make sure it’s securely positioned. When leaning, it’s possible for the ladder to become unbalanced, which will cause a fall. Tools that can reach farther may be used to minimize the number of times the ladder is moved and avoid reaching to get to other areas.

Cleaning the gutters can be dangerous due to the hazards of working while on a ladder. If you’re planning on cleaning your own gutters, use these tips to stay safe. Otherwise, contact the professionals for seamless guttersMaryville, TN service.