Wednesday, April 17

The 4 Advantages Of The Granite Countertop

When building your home or remodeling your kitchen, one of the most defining questions you need to answer is what material your countertop should be. Among the many options available, granite remains the noblest and most helpful material for the kitchen.

Why Choose A Granite Countertop?

The granite worktop is not the cheapest on the market, but it is undoubtedly one of the most advantageous and elegant.

Because It Is A Noble Material

Granite is a noble stone generally used to construct high-end and prestigious buildings and architectural elements. Its appearance, robustness, and durability also make it a rock that conveys an image of luxury, comfort, and good manners.

Because It Is A Natural Material

Apart from cutting and polishing, the granite receives no treatment and contains nothing but its original mineral composition. It is, therefore, a perfectly and utterly natural material that does not include any pollutants or toxic products for health or the environment, unlike other materials such as laminate worktops.

For Its Elegance

The granite countertop has a unique look because it is impossible to find two granite blocks with the same patterns. This great diversity of patterns is added to that of colors and grain, which offers you many possibilities for customization. Depending on the style of your kitchen, you can choose a very dark and sober granite, or on the contrary, a granite of bright color with many lighter patterns.

Granite is, therefore, elegant and varied and adds warmth to your kitchen while adapting to its style and decoration.

Because He Is Resistant

Unlike other materials, granite like in Granite Selection for instance is durable and heat resistant. It is even superior to marble from this point of view because it is not likely to crack or crack under the effect of high temperatures. You can therefore work freely on your granite worktop and place hot pots or pans on it without risking damaging it.

Granite is also stain resistant, and it’s safe whether you spill wine, vinegar, juice, or other staining or acidic substances on it. No food or product can alter its appearance if the stains are wiped off quickly and the slab is well sealed. You also don’t have to worry about scratching your granite countertop with an accidentally slipping knife, as this material is scratch resistant.

Because It Is Easy To Maintain

Finally, granite like Carrara Marmi Quartz for example is easy to maintain; you can use all the products you want to clean without fear of altering its appearance or weakening its structure. Cleaning can be done with a cloth or sponge. You can use pure tap water or add white vinegar or a product for cleaning surfaces.