Monday, July 22

How Covering Your Patio can Keep You Safer

A patio or deck may be a wonderful addition to your house if you live in a region where the weather is mild for most of the year. You may not be aware that Butte Fence sells a selection of patio covers in Boise, which may be a useful addition to your home security plan.

There are several to select from, so it’s important to choose one that works with your home’s design and the room’s intended use. It’s important to consider both function and aesthetics when selecting a cover since it will serve as a representation of your house to those who see it from the outside. Consult your builder and do some reading to figure out what kind of cover will work best for your house.

This post’s list of potential covers should serve as a starting point for your own investigation. You may decide whether the following adjustments should be permanent or not.


Awnings have been a common fixture on patios and decks for decades. Design and construction materials have progressed since its debut. It’s noteworthy that written records of awnings first exist under the Roman Empire.

Ancient civilizations such as those in Egypt and Syria were the first to make use of awnings and other structures designed to provide shade. The first awnings were installed to protect buildings from the sun’s rays. The items were constructed from fabric. It is believed that the Roman Empire was responsible for the creation of the first retractable awning. The Roman Colosseum featured a velarium, a retractable canopy, to keep the arena cool.

The current awning angle is pointing down. Everything that touches the awning will just roll off as a consequence of its design. Because of their versatility, awnings continue to enjoy widespread popularity. Awnings may be either permanently affixed or retracted. The retractable selection provides both powered and unpowered choices.

In climates where the deck is used for just a few months out of the year, retractable deck covers may be the most practical solution. For protection from snow and ice, for instance, you may roll up the awning during the winter. Tornadoes and other severe weather may be avoided by rolling them back. They provide a great deal of protection from the sun and may be altered to suit your needs.

How Canopies Are Used

To some extent, awnings may be compared to canopies. There are also retractable and fixed options. In comparison to other patio or deck constructions, canopies tend to be more cost-effective. Quickly erecting a canopy is another helpful feature.

Whether you’re hosting an extended family gathering on the weekend or just want to keep the kids and dogs cool on the deck during the summer, a canopy is a great way to do it. They are adaptable, much like awnings, so you may choose the design that best suits your house’s aesthetic.

Solar Panels For Capturing Electricity

As its name implies, solar screens are constructed to block off a great deal of sunlight. They don’t block the outside view but make the interior more difficult to see through. The screen is designed to be hung vertically and acts as a protective screen rather than a covering, unlike the other coverings covered in this article. Homes with southern exposure may benefit greatly from these movable panels, which also offer excellent insulation.

Safety Measures

But as a homeowner, you have a responsibility to keep your deck and patio in excellent condition. You wouldn’t want a loved one or close friend to be wounded on your patio or deck. When utilizing your deck or patio, please remember these safety precautions.

Examine your deck for any decaying wood. If you treat your deck well, it may last for decades. However, wood deteriorates with time. A spade, shovel, or pitchfork may be used to test the deck’s wood for rot. It is time to fix the wood if a shovel or pitchfork can go all the way through it.

Check the stability of the stairs and railings. Problematic railings and stairs provide a risk. Check that the railing is still securely secured by giving it a little push. See whether the stairs are pulling away from the deck and if they are still level.

Trees and plants need regular pruning. Remove overgrown shrubs and trees from your deck to make more room.

Keep your barbecue at a safe distance from your house. You should never have a barbeque or fire pit near your house. The fire on your barbecue might start at any moment. Avoid having a fire pit or BBQ too close to your home, no matter how cool you might think it is. It’s possible that some embers remain.

Eliminate any traces of mold and algae. Depending on where you are in the United States during the summer, temperatures and humidity levels might reach uncomfortable levels. Siding and decks that provide a lot of shade are ideal breeding grounds for the allergens in question. Choose a mold and algae killer that won’t harm you, your pets, or the nearby plants.

Have a look at your patio for any crooked or uneven pavers. A concrete patio or paved walkway may suffer cracking if the winter is very severe. Check the patio for broken or uneven pavers.

Make a plan for the placement of your furnishings. Avoid having furniture near the deck’s rails or the pool’s safety obstacles. Preschoolers are fast thinkers and naturally curious. If a child were to stand on this piece of furniture, they might easily topple over the edge of a balcony or into a swimming pool.

You should lock the doors. Keeping the gate shut on a deck or patio that is enclosed is especially important if you have young children. If your patio or deck is far from the house’s entrance, you should lock it up.

Use care while using a patio heater. The use of patio heaters has increased in recent years. You should always use it on a flat, stable surface if you put it on your patio. If the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the propane may not function properly. Like the barbecue, it should be kept outside the house.


The aforementioned choices are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wide variety of patio and deck covers available, both permanent and temporary. You may investigate your alternative long-term choices after you’ve done your study and decided that this is the best course of action. Click here to read more about such long-term prospects.