Thursday, June 13

Why Composite Decking installation for the backyard deck?

You may be interested to install a deck in your backyard deck. It is quite inviting and also allows your family to relax during the spring season. You may consider using Composite decking Liverpool as the material of choice as it offers numerous advantages over other types.

Reasons to install Composite decking Liverpool

  • Environment-friendly: WPC boards are mostly constructed from recycled materials, which is approximately 90 percent of its total composition. Such materials are recycled plastics and reclaimed hardwoods. This, in turn, reduces plastic amount that otherwise is dumped in a landfill. Decking using rice pulp rather than reclaimed hardwood should be avoided. Not being recycled, such materials could be prone to absorbing moisture, thus resulting in premature decay and warping.
  • Low maintenance: The major advantage derived from composite decking is requiring very little maintenance. It does not fade, rot, twist, discolor, attract mold or termites or warp unlike natural timber. Moreover, the latter requires regular staining or oiling costing time, materials and money. It is possible to avoid such costs by using Composite decking Liverpool.
  • Affordable installation: Composite decking boards are available in standard sizes. They are found to be much larger when compared to natural timber boards. They also require less installation cost since larger boards allows decking of larger areas quickly, thus saving potential labor costs. Also decking that is supplied with ‘hidden’ fixings or below surface need less screws when compared to natural timber. The latter requires at least 4 screws to fit every board, irrespective of its length. Larger spans can be had on the sub-frame with heavy-duty composite decking. This, in turn, reduces labor and material costs.
  • Standard sizes: You can find Composite decking Liverpool in standard lengths and widths. It offers value worth your investment. Hence, there is no need to sort through timber delivery trying to find the ideal size and board grade. It reduces immensely project waste. Moreover, longer lengths mean less joins, thereby reducing expansion risks.
  • Simple installation: Generally, composite decking is installed on the sub-frame similar to natural timber. Hence, it is used to replace rotten timber, but without having to engage in costly frame replacements.
  • Installed in marine areas: Composite decking Liverpool is known for its non-corrosive properties. This decking type is found ideal for jetties, marinas, pontoons, swimming pools and spas. It does not attract mold or rot due to water exposure. They are also non-slip, thus being a wonderful option for wet areas.

Therefore, by installing composite decking, you can avoid maintenance and increase your home value.