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Everything about CPVC pipe fittings

Are you to buy the CPVC pipes or CPVC fittings? If yes, then you have to learn everything about it before reaching the stores. Because only when you have default knowledge on it you can buy them correctly or else you will get failed in purchase processes of cpvc pipe fittingsThe first thing you should get known is the full form they stand for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride because the abbreviation doesn’t get you what it means actually. But on knowing their full form you could get a basic idea about these pipe fittings. Read the article further to grab every piece of knowledge about CPVC pipe fittings,

What are chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe fittings?

The chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is shortly said to be as CVPC pipe fittings they are similar to the polyvinyl chloride pipes the only difference among them is they are one step taken to the chlorination process which alters the nature of the PVC pipes. Both of these pipe fittings are widely used in plumbing accessories manufacturing, chemical-resistant materials, and other materials related to this. In reaction with the chlorine the operating range and their applications are widely get varies from PVC, which makes it better choices for commercial application.

Characteristics of CPVC pipe fittings

The CPVC is a polymer-coated plastic pipe fittings they are the best option for fluid or liquid transportation than comparing to the gaseous compounds. This pipe fitting can able to handle with an extremely cold and hot solution that passes through it this is the reason why they are most recommended for commercial uses like in oil refinery units, water purification processes, and any of the chemical production unit.

The best part of using this cpvc pipe fitting is they don’t react with the compounds which pass through it and fire resistance too. When they are exposed to fire they don’t spread because it is coming with low-flame and self-extinguishing property which is the important quality that is required while they are using in the production unit that is to ensure the safety of workers and also the product.

Where it can be used?

This chlorinated polyvinyl chloride can be used for a wide range of purposes like in agricultural purposes for supplying fertilizers or others, waste handling purposes, electricity production unit, water treating unit, and mining processes. They can also be used in acid and alcohol production units. At the same time, they can be used for outdoor fitting purposes only in short term also know it. Due to their operating ranges and other properties, they are the best choice for commercial use, for residential purposes the polyvinyl chloride pipe fittings are more than enough.

Final words

Both PVC and CPVC pipe fittings are recommended pipe fittings but their features and specifications vary based on their purposes. So on get knowing about CPVC completely you can able to take the decision on which to pick there this article could assist you in getting the knowledge of CPVC pipe fittings.