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Few Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Might Blow Out Fog?

Quite often, you must have noticed steam coming out of the vents of an AC whenever you are running it. Sometimes you may mistake it with a certain fire incident-taking place in your home. What can be the cause of such steam appearing from your AC vents?

Also, sometimes you will notice fog coming out of the AC vents too. Usually, such things may happen when the humidity level of the surrounding atmosphere is very high. It will result from the condensation-taking place of the water vapour, when the temperature of your AC unit is much below the dew point.

You will find a water build-up that will be sitting at the bottom of your vents, and when you begin to run your system, the airflow will try to hit these water droplets, and a steam-like air will be created. There will be odourless steam while along with a troublesome odour due to mould growth.

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The following are a few reasons why your air conditioner may often blow out fog.

1.    Dirty air filter

Often having a very dirty air filter becomes one of the most common causes of high humidity being developed inside the air conditioning system. When the airflow will be obstructed by the various debris and dust particles present in the filters, then there will be slower and greater exposure of the surrounding cold air to the air that is moist, which will cause humidity to go up.

The higher the moisture will get, the worse will be the fog that you can see around your vents. Therefore, ensure not to skip the regular schedule cleaning of air filter and its replacement.

2.    Low fan speed

Another reason cause of fog is due to lower fan speed that can cause the fog and steam to form. When your fan will work continuously at high speed, then your air conditioner will soon cool the room, and your system will get dried up on its own.

3.    Air temperature below the dew point

If the temperature of the air near the unit remains below the dew point, then such water vapor may form in the air, which may condense, into water droplets, which may cause fog.

4.    Heater failure in blower

In addition, sometimes the blower heater may fail which will result in water deposition and cause fog.

5.    Any wiring fault on the blower

Even due to wiring fault of the blower heater can result into such problem.

For a better diagnosis of your problem, you may get your air conditioner unit thoroughly checked by any licensed HVAC technician. You can call any nearby professionals HVAC company to get a reliable service.

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